Reduce Unwanted Blur

One of the best ways to improve the sharpness of your photos is to use a sturdy tripod.  It will particularly help with low light situations or situations where you need to use shutter speeds slower than the reciprocal of your lens length.  For example with a 60mm lens, the slowest shutter speed you can handhold is 1/60. Image Stabilization & Vibration Reduction can allow you to shoot slightly slower.

Also consider using a cable release and mirror lock-up mode on your camera.  If used correctly, these techniques will allow you to take very long exposures without blur. Another great advantage to using a tripod is that it forces you to slow down. Instead of taking lots of pictures very quickly, it will encourage less captures that are better thought out.

Don’t forget to change the height of your tripod and to alter your perspective, otherwise your images will lack variety.

Some research on buying tripods and the head that will connect your tripod to your camera is in order.  Be certain that the combination can hold your camera and lens safely and can hold up to the particular types of photography you enjoy.


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