March 12th, 2012 – Gaithersburg Camera Club – An Introduction to Black Light Photography

Black Light Image by Scott Musson

On Monday March 12th, Scott Musson will share his extensive experience with Black Light photography.  The evening will start with a lecture describing the technique and the tools, followed by an opportunity to try some black light photography yourself..

The lecture will demonstrate several techniques that Scott has used to create award winning photographs using Black Lights and ordinary items like a Slinky.  Black Lights make fluorescent colors “glow” and create an unusual effect that forces you to look at things in a whole new way.

Black Light photography is low-light photography so remember to bring a tripod in addition to your camera.  Faster ISOs are not efficient for reducing the shutter speeds with Black Light photography so camera support is critical.

Items to bring if you would like to try black light photography

  • Camera (with charged battery and memory card)
  • Macro or Close Focusing Lens
  • Tripod

Other useful items:

  • Cable release
  • Diopters or extension tubes
  • Imagination

We look forward to a fun and educational evening that we hope will inspire you to try this unique lighting technique on your own.

You can see samples of Scott’s work at